Why You Should Buy A Used Car for Your Teen

With graduation season right around the corner, many of our clients are no doubt thinking about rewarding their son or daughter’s hard work with a car. Drive Auto has one of the best selections of used cars near Madison, and we have no doubt that buying a used car for your kid is the way to go. Here are some reasons why.


Lower Car Insurance Rates

A car’s value is a key determiner that insurance companies use when setting their rates, so a used car will always benefit from lower insurance rates than a new automobile. And if you buy your kid a car from a manufacturer well-known for safety and reliability, i.e. Honda, Hyundai, or Toyota, you can expect your insurance premium to be even lower.


The Honeymoon Period Is Brief

Kids being kids, it’s likely that yours will treat a car like royalty for the first few months, but after that it may start looking more like his bedroom. Drinks will be spilled, mud will be tracked, and stuff will begin accumulating in the trunk and the backseat. Moreover, there are bound to be a few dings and dents along the way. There is of course a lesson to be taught regarding responsibility and caring for a car, but it’s nice knowing that your kid is learning this lesson with a used car, and not something brand-new that you shelled out thousands more dollars for.


Get More For Your Money

One of the biggest reasons why used cars are appealing to everyone, and not just as a purchase for a kid, is the bigger bang you get for your buck. You can do a simple experiment with your kid at home: set a budget and then see how far your budget gets you with a new car and a used car. No doubt you’ll find that your dollar goes much further with a used vehicle, allowing you to buy a nicer model with more appealing features. Plus, you can reap this terrific value with a used car that’s only two or three years old, which in today’s world of quality automotive design and engineering isn’t really old at all.



We mentioned design and engineering above, which is a good segue into longevity. Today’s used cars are superior in every way to the used cars of the 80s and 90s, when suspicion hung over the heads of used car shoppers who feared buying a lemon. Those days are long gone, and a 2 – 3 year-old used car in 2019 should deliver at least 7 – 10 years of quality and performance. And whereas used car owners of yore used to trade in their car because it was falling apart, today’s used car owners can do a trade-in simply because they want to try something different. And as a bonus, if you take care of your car it will likely retain some equity, which is always nice.


Check Out Our Inventory Today

If you’re wondering where the closest “used car dealer near me” is, look no further than Drive Auto in Madison. Stop by today, check out our diverse inventory of sedans, trucks, SUVs, and more, and no doubt you’ll find the perfect used car for your kid.