The Top Five Reasons Why You Should Buy a Used Car

If you’re looking for reasons why you should buy a used car, Drive Auto has several. Check out this list and then visit our used car dealership in Madison for an up-close look at our dynamite pre-owned inventory.


The used car marketplace has come a long way in the last few decades. Even after “lemon laws” were passed in the 1970s, car shoppers remained reticent to purchase a pre-owned vehicle for fear of “buying someone else’s problems”. However, the emergence of companies like AutoCheck and CARFAX has gone a long way towards boosting the auto-buying public’s peace of mind. These comprehensive reports are tied to an automobile’s vehicle identification number (VIN) and thus offer a broad range of useful data, including mileage confirmation, accident history, and whether the previous owner(s) insurance company ever declared the vehicle a total loss.

Another reason why today’s used cars are more reliable is superior manufacturing quality. From parts and chassis to tires and powertrain, today’s vehicles are safer, perform better, and last longer.

Lower Insurance Costs

A car’s value is one of the key criteria insurance companies use when determining the owner’s insurance rate. Since a pre-owned car holds less value than its brand-new counterpart, the insurance for the pre-owned vehicle will be lower. Moreover, used car buyers can further lower their monthly insurance costs by eliminating certain line-items that really only pertain to new automobiles. For example, depending on the make/model/age of a used car, insurance costs related to theft and certain aspects of collision can be subtracted.

Reduced Registration Fees

Similar to a vehicle’s insurance rate, the registration fee charged by states like Wisconsin is directly tied to a car’s value – specifically, its transaction price. So a lower transaction cost equals less money spent on registration fees. This is especially helpful today, given that many states have increased registration costs as a way to create more revenue.

Minimize Depreciation

The concept of depreciation is widely understood, but many people are unaware of the extent to which depreciation affects a new automobile’s value. Let’s say you purchase a new car for 20,000 dollars. The moment you drive the vehicle off the dealer’s lot, it depreciates around 20 percent. Plus, in the first year of ownership you can expect a car to depreciate another 10%. So in the 12 months that have passed since your purchase, your automobile has lost roughly $6,000 of its value.

Buying used is a great way to skirt depreciation. Even a car that’s only a year old is far less affected by depreciation, and cars that are 2 – 3 years old derive even larger benefit because depreciation usually levels out after two years of age.

Maximize Your Budget

Purchasing a used car means being able to stretch your dollar further. Instead of buying a new car that doesn’t have everything you want, buy the same car used and get all of your desired features and options for a more reasonable price. Moreover, the superior quality of today’s pre-owned cars in Wisconsin means you can expect to drive your used car far longer than what would’ve been expected 15 – 20 years ago.

Take a Test Drive

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