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Here’s What Drives Us …

Tony Wantoch

Tony Wantoch

I am a servant leader with passion toward the success of my family, team and community. In my world, moral values and kindness always take priority over profit.

I learned that from my parents.

I grew up on a small farm in Dodge, a rural area of western Wisconsin. My father worked at a small Ford dealership in the neighboring town while my mother worked for the school district. Our mornings, evenings and weekends were spent feeding livestock and harvesting crops. My parents instilled the important values of work ethic, positivity, kindness and humility.

I loved to spend time with them at work.

At the dealership where my father worked, I would wash the vehicles, install mud-flaps, learn about the new technology, and get filthy fixing them. One summer afternoon, at age 13, as I struggled to wash an old station wagon, I vividly remember my father smirking at me and quietly saying words that would define the man I aspired to be:

“Smile … Smiling while you work causes other people to smile and makes everything more enjoyable. Enjoy your work, love your work, be happy and do it with drive and passion.”

Watching my mother at work taught me other important lessons: Search for strategic, innovative solutions to problems, never take a short cut just because it’s the easy way out, and always choose the way that will make a positive impact on others.

Those lessons have shaped my life’s journey.

After high school, with no experience, I landed a job as an express lube technician at a dealership because of my passion. A short time into the job, I accepted a full sponsorship and scholarship to General Motors ASEP (Automotive Service Excellence Program) school in Saint Paul, MN, and graduated with a degree in automotive science. I started my career as a technician, then completed my master certification in GM and went on to achieve a master certification through ASE.

At 25, I relocated to Burnsville, MN, as lead drivability tech for one of the largest Cadillac, Corvette, and Chevrolet dealerships in the Midwest. In the decade that followed, I took several positions in Wisconsin, learning every aspect of the automotive industry and how to become a strong manager and leader.

My Drive helped the dealerships I worked for win awards and make money. But I realized that I was losing out on precious time with my family - my wife, Heather, and children Logan and Brooklyn.

So, at age 36, I looked in the mirror and asked myself the largest question of my life and career … “Do you have the Drive?” … the Drive to create a business with a healthy culture based on kindness, growth, loyalty, humbleness, happiness, compassion, innovation, optimism, respect, and the Drive to positively impact the lives of others.

I have the Drive.

And now, Madison, WI, has Drive Auto.

Dan Swift

Dan Swift

What Drives Me?  My Faith, my family and my career!

I have been blessed with an incredible life…married to my beautiful bride Laura for 37 years, 6 wonderful children (Jordan, Bekah, Josiah, Michaela, Moriah and Jamin) and a successful 35 – years of leadership in the auto industry!

Not everyone can say that they truly love and enjoy going to work each day…Gratefully, I can!  I have had the opportunity to hold positions including sales consultant, Finance and Insurance manager, General Sales Manager, General Manager, Director of Operations and Vice President of Operations.  While I enjoyed the responsibility and challenges that each position offered, beyond any doubt I enjoyed working with the customers the most.    Building relationships with our customers and seeing the smile on their face when they’ve found that “perfect” vehicle, is why I truly love what I do.

I’ve learned a ton over my 35 years…what to do, as well as what not to do!  The key ingredient to whether or not what we did was successful, always remained the same: Was it fun for our employees AND our customers?  Certainly there will be days that are more challenging than others, but that is the exception, not the rule.  At Drive Auto, we took a clean sheet of paper, eliminating those things that drag employees and customers down every day and created an enjoyable, easy and fun buying experience.

I am only a part of a great team here at Drive Auto, where we all have the same desire: to share an easy and enjoyable buying experience with our customers.  Buying a car isn’t rocket science. We just provide our customers with a clean, quality vehicle at a great value, and have a lot of fun doing it.

That’s what drives me…and that’s what Drives all of us at Drive Auto.

Heather Wantoch

Heather Wantoch

I grew up on a farm in Waumandee, a very small, rural Wisconsin town. The value of hard work was instilled in me at a young age and I was tasked with responsibilities pretty much as soon as I was able to follow directions.

At 13, my family moved to Prairie du Chien, where we no longer had a farm or the strict routine that goes with it. I quickly became bored, so I started working at age 14. By the time I turned 17, I had four jobs in addition to going to high school.

I’ve always had the Drive to be a contributor to my household and community.

When I had my first child, Logan, I found a new Drive. The birth of my second child, Brooklyn, has only multiplied that Drive. While I still have the Drive to contribute and succeed, my Drive is now always focused on them. As most parents know, there is a fire that burns deep to make sure your children have opportunities in their childhood to help grow them into successful adults. Guiding them to being good humans by leading by example is my Drive.

Josh Eastmead

Josh Eastmead

I am driven by my passion to match people with the right car for their family and lifestyle.  I can’t deny, I am a total car guy.  I love the purr of a well-built engine, and the vrrrrooom of a sports car.  But don’t worry, I always go the speed limit… during test drives.  Just kidding, I drive a mini-van these days, which has a different, but equally awesome feature; a DVD player to keep the backseat riders quiet.

I was driven to join Drive Auto after spending 6+ years in the car industry for a large car dealer.  Even though I was successful in my position there, sometimes it felt like the customers were just a number in the big corporate machine and I was the paper pusher.  I knew there had to be a better place for me, somewhere that my drive to put customers’ needs first was truly valued.  Drive Auto was a no-brainer for me, a small operation opened by a few guys who are passionate about family and cars.

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